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Brazilian Rainbow Boas Dumerils Boas

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Brazilian Rainbow Boa Care Sheet


Brazilian Rainbow Boas are slender bodied snakes that average between 5-7 feet long.  They are arguably one of the most beautiful snakes in the world.  Brazilian Rainbow Boas typically range from deep red to bright orange.  Rainbow Boas well known for their amazing iridescence caused by microscopic ridges on their scales that create a rainbow glow when they reflect light.  They also have bold crescent moons on their side that contrast their amazing color.



Brazilian Rainbow Boas can be kept in anything ranging from simple plastic tubs to large elaborate terrariums.  The key components are a secure enclosure with a large water bowl and a place to hide.  Adult Rainbow Boas do best with at least 4-6 square feet of space.  Babies can thrive in something as simple as a plastic shoe box/storage container.  Brazilian Rainbow Boas do well with a variety of substrates ranging from sphagnum peat moss, cypress mulch, paper towels, craft paper, or newspaper.  The essential thing is to maintain high humidity and the proper temperature.  If you decide to use a glass cage or fish tank, be sure to cover the top to limit dissipation of humid air and loss of heat.


Temperature and Humidity:

Brazilian Rainbow Boas have the unwarranted reputation of being difficult to care for.  However, Rainbow Boas are as easy as most entry-level snakes when you set up their cage properly.  They require a temperature gradient ranging from 75-83 degrees.  High humidity is essential.  This is accomplished in several simple ways.  The most important factor is to limit ventilation in order to avoid transfer of humid air from the cage to the room around it.  Brazilian Rainbow Boas should have a water bowl that’s large enough to swim in, and a hide lined with damp peat moss.  My Rainbow Boas have water bowls that take up about 1/3 of the floor space.  The evaporating water from the water bowl keeps the ambient humidity around 70%, and the damp hide stays between 90-100% humidity.  Following these guidelines will set up an environment that practically takes care of itself.

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